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Welcome to what we call "The Home Base".

Think of this as a hub for all Space Men Studios content. That would entail Films, Cartoons, Games, and Music produced by the Space Men themselves. We here at Space Men Studios, up in the sky so high, wish to bring you on a journey into another world as best as possible. We hope to inspire, entertain, and maybe even educate as many as we can. So welcome, and we hope you enjoy the trip.

NEWS!   D13-M01-Y15



When James Walsh (creator of CatLanders) is working on a Studios production he also post a picture to twitter every day.

NEWS!  D02-M11-Y14

News 02-11-14

Production on CatLanders is taking a Brief Pause so that we can focus on other projects at the moment.

:(More news soon.):

For now here's a Cat in a Lizard costume. Drawn up by James Walsh.


EP 3 Pac Cut


Created by: James Walsh

Catlanders Episode 3, Pac Cut, another day in the lives of our CatLanders. In this episode we find Mu sitting back to unwind after a long day.

We here at Space Men Studios enjoy your view,
thank you.

EP 2 Attach


Created by: James Walsh

Catlanders Episode 2, Attach, is now out and live for the world to view. In this episode we find Mu walking home from his daily nine to five.

If you want to help the production of the series, all you need to do is talk about it.
We appreciate every view here at Space Men Studios.

NEWS!  D16-M5-Y14

New Video:  Pax East 2014

Hello viewers, this is a video of a few games at Pax East 2014.  The games that are on the video were decided by the cinematographer/editor James, so it is extremely bias.

The list of games and their websites is below the video.

Give it a watch and you might see something interesting.


NEWS!  D16-M02-Y14

Dear Viewers

Hello viewers we have two things to say, one thanks to technology we are able to see the general area of viewers of the site. So, Thank you for checking in viewers from Montréal Canada, Long Island NY USA, Reykjavík Ísland, and Neustadt Glewe of Scwerin Duestschland. They aren't the only viewers but they've been viewing the site the most. Two, if you would prefer not to check the site over and over again we will keep our Facebook page up to date. If you do not have a Facebook then you can follow James(SpacelvlanSam) on twitter @SpacelvlanSam. If you have another preferred way of being informed about our productions, then email James at

Thanks for giving this a read.

an Origional Animated Series

Created by: James Walsh